Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Future So Bright Learn From Their Mistakes
According to a new survey carried out by Alliance where ID_NUM9270 Leicester one in five small business owners view tax as their greatest concern The Chancellor has announced in his last budget that companies with profits below 10000 will not have to pay any corporation tax with effect from 1 April 2002 The question to be asked is does that announcement make incorporation a more attractive option compared to being a sole trader The answer is that from a tax

An Interview with Greatness
It is easy for us to imagine having a job interview or interviewing to be accepted into a school or social club What about greatness What would it be to interview for Greatness in your life What if thats all it took to get past an interview with the gate keepers of Greatness No special skill or connections just an interview I imagine it might go similar to this Sit down Youre late What took you so long Before you give me your resume let me tell you what were interested in

I Butterfly
Butterflies Ive always thought are great metaphors for success Many people will tell you dont show people that you care They tell you to separate what you do for a living from your emotions and you know what I think thats wrong I think you need to get in line with your emotions Your emotions are part of what makes you special Thats what makes humans special our ability to care about something Getting in line with things that you are passionate about aligns you with the things

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