Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I bet youre wondering Where does my time go and what can I do to have more of it Join the club We are all in the same boat Speaking of boats close your eyes for a moment and imagine youre on a cruise in the Mediterranean There is nothing passing through your mind other than the tranquility of this pure moment You have just experienced purity clarity relaxation and having quality time How do you get that same quality time into your daily life The Gift of Time How many

The Benefits Of Incorporating Your Business
What do General Motors Microsoft ATT and many other major businesses in America have in common Theyre corporations A corporation is a separate legal entity that functions separate and apart from its shareholders or owners You can incorporate on your own without an attorney although it wouldnt hurt to seek legal advice And you can incorporate in your home state or any other state of your choosing More than half a million business entities have their legal home in busine

The Long Sales Letter Should You Use it In Your Advertising
If youre a web marketer and youve done your homework youve probably come across the Long Sales Letter in your internet travels Top web marketing experts like Yanik Silver The Copy Doctor Michel Fortin and countless others use it to pitch their comprehensive instructional kits You may have even made a purchase based on what you read in one of these letters Powerfully persuasive the Long Sales Letter employs carefully targeted copy to draw the reader in emotionally identify wit

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automotive article and books resource
automotive article and books resource


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