Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Gift of a Near Death Experience
Almost everyone has experienced at least one harrowing event in which they felt they might have died An automobile accident or near accident a fall an illness A car speeding past them careening off the road while they were walking along A kitchen towel you were holding just started to catch fire and you noticed it immediately You began to lose your balance while climbing on a ladder A driver lost control of his vehicle and ran onto the sidewalk right near you You might think

According to a new survey carried out by Alliance where ID_NUM9270 Leicester one in five small business owners view tax as their greatest concern The Chancellor has announced in his last budget that companies with profits below 10000 will not have to pay any corporation tax with effect from 1 April 2002 The question to be asked is does that announcement make incorporation a more attractive option compared to being a sole trader The answer is that from a tax

Consider Consumer Psychology
Consider Consumer Psychology Darrin F Coe MA In your marketing efforts be they on or offline its wise to consider the psychology of the consumer you are targeting If youve done your homework youve developed a profile of your ideal customer and how your unique selling point speaks to them Now as you begin to develop a marketing strategy writing ad copy developing radio copy and creating web copy it is an understanding of consumer psychology that will help you speak to the

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automotive article and books resource
automotive article and books resource


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