Saturday, November 12, 2005

Hiring an Amateur Can Mean a Potential Lawsuit for Your Business
These days everyones looking to save a buck But if you plan to cut corners by using a fledgling copywriter or marketer expect to put the money you just saved towards a really good lawyer Because you may just find yourself in court Lawsuits abound in todays world Lots of people are more than willing to sue at the drop of a hat No one wants to think that they know anyone like this but the truth is this planet is crawling with lawsuithappy consumers who can make your life a liv

Newspapers are taking a big hit around the globe They have lost nearly 5 percent of all their classified advertising according to the World Association of Newspapers WAN Thats frontpage news for papers that rely on ads for their revenue Their problem say experts is online classifieds and the problem is a major one Classifieds on the Internet surely are not going anywhere On the contrary theyre becoming more convenient more widespread more costeffective and more profitable ever

I Butterfly
Butterflies Ive always thought are great metaphors for success Many people will tell you dont show people that you care They tell you to separate what you do for a living from your emotions and you know what I think thats wrong I think you need to get in line with your emotions Your emotions are part of what makes you special Thats what makes humans special our ability to care about something Getting in line with things that you are passionate about aligns you with the things

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