Saturday, November 12, 2005

I bet youre wondering Where does my time go and what can I do to have more of it Join the club We are all in the same boat Speaking of boats close your eyes for a moment and imagine youre on a cruise in the Mediterranean There is nothing passing through your mind other than the tranquility of this pure moment You have just experienced purity clarity relaxation and having quality time How do you get that same quality time into your daily life The Gift of Time How many

Consider Fuel Efficiency When Buying a Car
You can publish the following article in your publications as long as the footer at the end of the article is included and links are made active where possible Please send a courtesy copy to fisherthriftyfuncom Thanks for your consideration Fisher Consider Fuel Efficiency When Buying a Car By Fisher Swanson When you need to buy your next automobile make sure that fuel economy doesnt get lost in the shuffle Buying a compact car with good gas mil

Make Your New Years Resolutions Evolutionary not Revolutionary
Evolutioncreates a capability and then uses that capability to evolve the next stage Ray Kurzweil author of The Singularity is Near 2005 Viking Ah New Years resolution time is here again How can we make the start of our new year a real start toward the future we want Studies show that about one in four resolutions is broken after two weeks Its clear that what we need in order to keep our resolutions is more than change we need sustainable change When we want to make a ch

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